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Soil improver

All the green waste material that comes onto site is sorted and processed into a range of valuable quality controlled materials.

Currently we supply

  • A PAS 100 Soil Improver suitable for all your general garden and landscape needs (0-22mm).
  • Bulk capping material – A coarse a material very suitable for binding banks and restoring sites.
  • Firewood and bio mass from selected oversize
  • An FLL Approved Green Roof Substrate

More about the PAS 100 soil improver

The soil improver produced on our sites is  continually monitored to produce a top quality weed free, environmentally friendly, soil improver that meets PAS 100 quality control. Samples are lab tested for nutrients, elements, contaminations, pH and levels of beneficial soil organisms that improve soil structure, root growth and encourage better uptake of available nutrients.

Our soil improver is then available to purchase for collection in both larger quantities and in potting compost size bags .  Call for prices. We offer a  ‘Bag Your Own’ facility for gardeners with approximately 40 litres capacity … just £5 a bag.

Phone: 0114 275 9454


Facebook: @greenestatewasterecycling